30 Days of Blogging: Day 28 + 29

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

I saw this quote today and it got me thinking. Admittedly some pretty abstract thoughts so we’ll see if they make any sense.

Why is it that this seems so true for negative things but not so much positive things?

For example:

Little by little, the bank account drains so much faster than it grows

A little splurging packs on the weight faster than a little dieting leads to weight loss

A little less sleep leads to more tired than a little more sleep leads to rest

Little by little stress spirals out of control faster than de-stressing leads to relief

Hurtful actions here and there lead to more relational damage than loving actions here and there lead to relational wholeness

The more I think about this the more fascinating it is.

It seems as if it’s got something to do with how we’re supposed to live consistently.

The damage is worse because it’s not how things are supposed to be.

The good is harder because it’s really only truly good when lived consistently.

Maybe it’s because the more consistent the good is (and by good I mean healthy) the more the outcomes are exponentially better. But those exponential outcomes only happen with consistency.

For example:

Consistent healthy eating habits not only leads to a healthy weight, but to a healthier, stronger body overall.

Healthy money habits can lead not only to wealth, but to generosity, less of a struggle with discontentment, and an appropriate view / influence of money on our lives.

Let’s not even get started on stress! With as many ailments and diseases, both mental and physical, that stress causes how different our lives would be if we consistently lived without as much unhealthy stress as we can do something about?!

And being consistently loving and kind to the people in our lives – how impactful would that be. Think about how much confidence, security, and stability that would instill.

This just reinforces how important integrity and faithfulness and healthy habits are – and what our priorities should be.

When I initially started thinking about this it was actually kinda discouraging. But thinking all the way through is actually pretty inspiring!

I’m definitely going to keep thinking about it!

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