Blog updates, thoughts on home, and the heaviness of the world


Blog Updates

The last few months I’ve been working on some big updates to the blog – to be released soon! The updates revolve around…a bigger focus on home. Without giving away too much, these changes come from a realization of how important a home is, and a better understanding of myself and how important home is to me. So stay tuned for these updates soon!

Thoughts on Home

As much as “home” – and it’s safety and comfort – has been on my mind the last several months, the recent unfolding of events in Afghanistan has jolted me back to the reality that not everyone has the luxury of “home” and that it isn’t the backbone of our existence. It’s just not.

So while “home” is important, and worth the time and effort it takes to shape it into the safe and nurturing environment it should be, it’s not everything. And so preaching to the choir – it needs to stay in balance.

In balance with what? In the reality that this place is not our home. Yes, it seems like an oxymoron. But that’s the truth. It’s not our home and we are strangers here on this earth. And the world sure does a good job of proving that.

It’s a harsh reality that is both troubling and comforting. Troubling because the tragedies, injustice, and horrors of the world are cruel realities. Comforting because we know this is not our forever home, not what what home should be, and not what our forever home will be.

Heaviness of the World

So in the middle of the heartbreaking stories that are the reality for men, women, and children right now in Haiti and in Afghanistan, it is right for us to grieve what is happening and the darkness that these people are facing. It is right for us to get on our knees to faithfully and fervently intercede for them. It is right for us to be aware of what is going on and offer support where we can.

We take our safety, freedom, and comfort for granted. We believe it is our right when the reality is that we live in a sin-cursed, evil world. Our reality often starkly contrasts the majority of the world’s reality, and while we should be thankful, we should not be forgetful, unaware, or disengaged. We must be careful to remain unenchanted with our comforts so we don’t become calloused, disinterested, and uncaring towards the suffering of the world.

I’m deeply troubled and saddened about what is happening in Afghanistan right now. I see multiple valid sides to what’s happening in Afghanistan. And I don’t know what to really think or do about what’s happening in Afghanistan. There are so many things I could say about it, but I don’t believe that would benefit anyone. So for now I’m going to leave it at this – what we can do and should do is pray.

So I hope you will pray, too. I often tend to think that if prayer is my only option to help someone or something, it’s not enough. But the truth of it is that’s is probably the most powerful thing we can do. It’s also what we are called to do. And that’s where we should start.

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