DIY Blanket Ladder Build Plan – Beginner


Build instructions only – materials not included

Material Cost: ~ $30

Time: 1 hour + paint/stain time

Difficulty: Beginner

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This cute blanket ladder is both functional and decorative. It can easily be tailored to your own taste and style. This is our simplest DIY project yet!

This build can be done in a day! The assembly takes about an hour. If you choose to stain or paint, plan to spend about 30 minutes plus dry time.

Materials Cost: Around $30

Level: Beginner (YOU can do it!)

Required tools:

  • Tape Measure
  • Hand saw (you can use a circular saw if you have one)
  • Two (2)  6″ clamps  (not critical, but extremely helpful!)
  • Drill with 3/32″, #6 countersink (or 3/16″ standard), and 3/4″ spade or forstner bit
  • No. 1 Phillips-head Screwdriver or drill bit
  • Speed Square (not critical, but helpful!)


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